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characters The Priest Ginecean Chronicles #1 ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Mauricio is a slave Like any man born on Ginecea he is but a number for the pure breed women who rule over him with cruel hands Imprisoned inside the Temple since birth Mauricio has never been outside never felt This book had one of the most uniue and promising premises in dystopian Unfortunately the plot got lost in a horrible execution So let me give you the basic run down This is a planet that we are told nothing about where it is located in relation to Earth That has deemed marriage between male and female as a perversion At this point I was totally with the author I wanted to see an outstanding epic story of two people that said f k you to the law and started to make a change Did this happenErm nope Ok I m jumping ahead Let me start with the horrible world building on this planet we no nothing about other than it seems like its Earth in 2013 People have cell phones People drive cars and beat up vans to transport slaves Oh did I mention men are treated like slaves and if you are a super pretty man you are made to be a sperm donor called a semental see what the author did there Yes so our lead character Mauricio spends his days in a cell until he is showered fed and then has to wank in a cup That I could jive with I could even believe this if the author showed me why But she doesn t We are told this is a planet these are the rules now believe it and let me tell you this story RiiiiiightSo you want me to believe a totally unexplained dystopian universe that I have no clue why or how being a lesbian is the only proper way to live You also expect me to believe that NO ONE is smart enough in this world to uestion any of this when a woman has a hole and a man has a stickJumping ahead again sorrySo this Priestess is like the supreme ruler of this planet There are females that are fathered apparently this is what the sementals are for And there are females that are pure breed Now I had to laugh at this first I had to actually have the author explain this to me because she did a piss poor job the first three times she tried then Mauricio broke it down for us at about the 90% mark Pure breed women are women that were born through the divine incognito the incognito is when a woman wants to have a baby she goes to the priestess and the priestess I don t like licks her belly says a chant on an alter and WHAM You have a baby sent to you by the divine spirit again I am guessing here because the author does not explain this process of magic birth AT ALL Now I could almost believe an entire society of women is this stupid ALMOST But if anyone where to study the human body at all in this world They would realize that although it is awesome to be so accepting of same sex marriage even same sex couples need SEMEN TO HAVE A BABY No one uestions this until Rosie our lead too stupid to live heroine finds out after Mauricio who is supposed to be a beast like animal male and too stupid to even speak explains it to her after he overheard them talking about it Apparently this is some huge scandal and no one can find out My issues is we are never told WHY this is happening Why are we forcing every woman alive to be a lesbian Why are we thinking long stick round hole isn t natural Who made up this rule Why is everyone so willing to accept said rule Where is this planet Is it really Earth like in Planet of the Apes I could almost rate this higher but the writing isn t smooth the storytelling is choppy and frankly I was depressed 999% of the time I thought the hero and heroine would make this amazing stand she s knocked up with his baby mind you alas that wasn t the case Rosie succumbs to her mothers demands that they will save Mauricio if she goes with them and marries some woman and pretends he doesn t exist ever blows out huge puff of airAt this point I m pretty fired up and ready to stop However I felt that there was no way the author would do this to me No way would should kill it all for me Oh well it wasn t finished Now only do we jump ten years later and then jump But pretty much every strong likable character the author wrote she killed off Mauricio becomes The Priest and makes a free town and starts to revolution all while living pathetically alone while Rosie who claimed this undying love for him raises a child that is just as bad as her mothers and the priestess REALLYThis is what I get for all my wasted hours An unhappy ending and Mauricio dying of old age sad alone and knowing Rosie really didn t give a crap about him I was so mad by the end of this book The only reason its not getting one star is because the author had it edited That is pretty much it and you see so many books unedited these days that it is nice to see that much effort put in I have the other book in this series on my netgalley I m actually afraid to read it because I don t need every good character killed off for me in that book either while all the bad people cackle in their castles on the hill and take over the world with there strange lesbian dystopian society I received a copy of this book from Monica La PortaPatchwork Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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characters The Priest Ginecean Chronicles #1 ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ossoms into affection deemed sinful and perverted in a society where the only rightful union is between women Love is born where only hate has roots and leads Mauricio to uncover a truth that could destroy Ginec Love and freedom these are the feelings that keep Mauricio and Rosie fighting for a chance in life Monica La Porta thank you for writing it I enjoyed this book

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characters The Priest Ginecean Chronicles #1 ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB The warmth of the sun on his skin He lives a life devoid of hopes and desires Then one day he hears Rosie sing He risks everything for one look at her and his life is changed forever An impossible friendship bl The Priest took me hostage for 24 hours If I wasn t reading late into the night or stealing moments to read during the day I was and still am thinking about this captivating taleMauricio is a compassionate and intelligent young man who had been born a slave in a society ruled by women His life is lonely and hopeless behind the walls of The Temple the confines of which he hadn t been outside of his entire life But he is resigned He was born into slavery and would die in slavery unloved insignificant suppressed Until a Temple guard s mistake changes everythingThis is a story of forbidden love between a slave and a pure breed woman who transcend prejudice and hatred to find a soul mate It is brilliantly written vivid and elicits strong emotion I was completely sucked into Mauricio s bleak existence rooting for him worried for him wishing hell fire on his oppressors drinking in his few moments of happiness and concocting alternative storylines all the while hanging onto the hope of a happy ending which I won t tell you if he had or notThe other aspect I appreciate about this story is its innocence and the author s tact The Priest is a true romance and one I won t soon forget Goes without saying I look forward to reading Book 2 in The Ginecean Chronicles Pax in the Land of Women I fully anticipate sleep deprivation

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